We are investor-operators focused on great technology, hands on
management, and cross border opportunities.


We partner with technical founder teams in internet saas, big data analytics, and genomic sciences.


We take on operational and management roles focusing on product development, customer acquisition, and access to growth capital.


We have practical experience structuring companies in Singapore, building great teams in India, and acquiring customers in Europe and the US.


Kartik Kumaramangalam

Kartik has worked with multiple startups in his career starting with WebEx where he was an early employee writing C++ code for switching algorithms. His undergraduate and masters degrees are in Astrophysics and he has a PhD in Applied Economics and Analytics. He has advised private equity and corporate clients as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, invested in early stage companies as a venture capitalist at Papillon Capital and been an individual consultant to clients such as the organisation of the Dalai Lama, venture funds like Morning Boost and numerous startups.

We are also able to pull in a core network of experts in tech, venture capital, legal assistance and so on to help get the job done.

Track record

Kamelot launched in the summer of 2012. Here is a snapshot of work that we’re proud of.


Founded by Atif Haider in 2013, a programmer (and emacs enthusiast!), LaunchYard is focused on products and services for non technical founders, freelancers and indie app developers. Its flagship project management tool for building mobile apps on the internet is currently in the works. Kamelot partnered with Atif from day 1 and we continue to be part of its growth and work with Atif and his growing team on product, customer acquisition and team building.


Serial software entrepreneur Sam Santhosh started MedGenome in 2013 to be a first mover offering clinical genomics tests in India and be a global market leader in genomics research and bioinformatics leveraging the power of Indian genetics. In 2014, we co-led the first outside investment in the company and assisted in conceptualizing its global product offerings and strategy and also advise the development of its big data, bioinformatics and software solutions.


Ram Gollamudi founded Edutor Technologies in 2011 to take on the challenge of helping millions of kids in India and other emerging countries discover and learn more. We were one of the first seed investors in 2012 and advised them on growth and fund raising strategies. As of Sept 2014, they have grown to over 35,000 students and closed strategic Series A funding at a significant valuation.